The Brand Marketing Booster

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The Brand Marketing Booster
The Brand
Marketing Booster
Design, build and launch a world-class brand and marketing strategy with Markus Kramer

OCTOBER 5-9, 2020

Are You Ready?

Do you want your brand to be recognized, maybe like Apple, Tesla, or Versace?
Do you want to outsell your competition (and not just because of price)? And do you want to build more customer loyalty? Welcome to the Brand Marketing Booster™ (BMB) program, a unique approach to brand marketing that fast-tracks the most important concepts and theory into immediate practical application.

Create your own brand strategy while developing a deeper understanding of brand marketing. It is possible to have a world-class brand and marketing strategy and it starts with the Brand Marketing Booster program.

Taught by Markus Kramer, Expert @
Powering Brands.

The Brand Marketing Booster™ Program

The Brand Marketing Booster combines the best of live training with in-depth resources, peer-topeer discussion groups and support. The program is built on a powerful brand and marketing framework. Each layer of the framework gives you unique access to brand theory, case studies, practical how-to steps and even cost-saving insights.

Here’s what you’ll get…

Discover how to articulate your purpose, vision and values to create a powerful brand

Differentiate your brand beyond price and anchor it in the hearts and minds of your customers

Get a clear understanding of how your brand fits in a marketing strategy that creates sales

Learn how to see your market, competition and customers through a marketing lens

Build a simple segmentation model that makes targeting your audience more effective

Understand your customer journey and how to apply funnel dynamics to your marketing efforts

Learn how to execute a brand strategy with the impact of superstars, like Harley Davidson or Tesla

Get a practical method for evaluating, leveraging and measuring your marketing activities?

A toolkit that helps you tie up all brand and marketing angles into one powerful story?

Is This For You?

The Brand Marketing Booster program is designed to fast-track the often complicated and lengthy brand development process. Entrepreneurs, managers and aspiring leaders will learn from some of the world’s greatest brands and the theory behind their success. The goal is both learning and practical application.

More Than a Box of Videos

Each layer of the Brand Marketing Booster Framework leads you into a critical stage of brand development you can apply immediately in your business.

Access live training, peer group discussion and in-depth resources. It’s like having a team approach to brand development all in one package.



What Others Say

Markus is an outstanding marketing leader and it was truly exciting to work with him at Harley-Davidson. His ability to take broad strategic initiatives and execute was exceptional.

Don Fetzer

President Baltimore Aircoil Company

You can’t get better than a ‘been-there-done-that’ global expert taking the time to reflect on his experiences and share his wisdom

Dr Graeme Codrington

CEO TomorrowToday Global

Michael Van der Sande

Managing Director Special Operations, Jaguar Land Rover

Going beyond the nuts and bolts of traditional marketing, Markus explains why and how strong brands are built from within.

Dr Moira Clark

Professor of Strategic Marketing, Henley Business School

Inspiring insights on how to navigate for professional and personal success through the lens of 21st century brand management.

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